2016 Financial & Operational Performance Results Offer Continued Confidence

March 10, 2017

Financial strength and stability are the foundation of HM Insurance Group’s ability to guard the financial health of its clients. The company’s 2016 results reflect another strong year rooted in sound business practices and disciplined financial judgment. Consistently achieving annual gross revenues of more than $1 billion, HM protects nearly eight million lives through its reinsurance lines of business.

The HM Stop Loss team is committed to providing clients with an exceptionally high level of performance. From sales to underwriting to claims, each area works to achieve results that give groups confidence in their decision to self-fund their health plans and use HM Stop Loss insurance to protect against the potential financial losses associated with catastrophic claims.

In 2016, the company’s tradition of excellence continued with performance better than the industry standard of excellence for both claims processing and payment accuracy.*

Some highlights from our 2016 operational performance results include:

  • Processing – 99.91% of claims are processed in less than 10 business days
  • Claims Accuracy – 99.64% financial accuracy and 99.41% technical accuracy
  • Savings from Cost Containment Practices – More than $78.5 million in the last five years
  • Proposal Generation – Less than four business days
  • Sold Case Turnaround Time – Average of seven business days for new business and four days for renewals

In addition, 2016 financial results demonstrate that the company also experienced one of its best financial years to date with the Stop Loss block delivering year-over-year growth in gross revenue and strong new business premium. Sound business practices and a disciplined approach help to ensure consistently positive results that allow HM to meet financial obligations to its self-funded clients. The updated Company, Financial & Product Overview sheet provides additional details.

View the document: 2016 Operational Performance Results (PDF).

View the document: 2016 Company, Financial & Product Overview (PDF).

*Trilogy Consulting, 2014.