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Stop Loss

Stop Loss Insurance

Protection for Self-Funded Employers

With more than 35 years in the Stop Loss insurance market, HM Insurance Group (HM) works to deliver smart solutions, exceptional performance and unparalleled support. Our Stop Loss coverage can be tailored to satisfy each client's level of risk tolerance, and you can trust that our underwriting experts are working to protect our policyholders’ financial well-being based on individual experience and group dynamics. With a wide range of deductibles and contract periods, our Stop Loss plans can be structured to meet specialized needs and mitigate potential claim risks.

Performance Distinction

As a leading Stop Loss carrier and direct writer, we work to optimize coverage through experienced risk management, excellent operational performance and successful cost containment practices. You can rely on quick, accurate payment of claims and an exceptionally high level of performance that enables you to focus on your own business goals. Talk with one of our experienced leaders to learn more about our approach to the market and build a relationship that lasts.

A Solid Contract

HM offers clients a Stop Loss policy that provides clarity, financial protection and choice. We know that the contract is the core of the carrier-client relationship and the foundation for mutual obligations. Our streamlined contract helps to ensure our policyholders know their coverage details. It’s written in language employers understand and offers choices for customized Stop Loss protection.

Claim Services from Dedicated Teams

Since we underwrite to pay claims, not to dispute them, you can count on responsive, timely administration of Stop Loss insurance claims. Our dedicated claims team uses streamlined processes to provide accurate and efficient reimbursement. Highlights include:

  • eClaims and low documentation submission options
  • Access to Centers of Excellence
  • Out-of-network discount negotiation services
  • Subrogation recovery
  • Collaboration on unusual/questionable services

Our Promise

We know that the heart of a smart business decision is the integrity of the transaction. Guided by knowledge and experience, we make sound, disciplined decisions to guard the financial health of our policyholders. When you work with HM, you can have confidence in the quality of what we are delivering.


Stop Loss Insights

  • It’s Good to Know Who You’re Working With

    We’re part of a very different workplace these days. It started before the pandemic, but the demands of working through it seem to have shined a light on our expanded diversity. Or maybe I’m just noticing it more because of where I am in my career and life – teetering in the void between Generation X and Millennials – half classic 1980s Duran Duran and the other half early 1990s Rage Against the Machine.

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  • Growth Mindset

    Over the past two years, we have grown our Stop Loss premium by about 30 percent. After our July 1, 2022, effective date policies went in force, we exceeded $1 billion in annualized Stop Loss premium – a milestone we’d not previously achieved. From my perspective, it never makes sense to grow for the sake of growth, but we do it thoughtfully – by building on our strengths and adding value for the brokers and employer groups we serve.

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  • The Year in Review

    2021 was a great year for HM Insurance Group (HM). Despite the continued effects of the pandemic, our team has continued to thrive and work to provide great service to our broker partners and TPAs as well as our shared clients. We saw the difference 12 months makes.

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