Online Tools

Our brokers, TPAs and clients can conveniently use our online tools for handling self-service tasks, paying bills and managing claims.

Manage Group Policies with eServices

You can manage your clients’ account details with our eServices platform. After signing in, you’ll have:

  • Access to claims details
  • Secure file submission
  • Ways to review contracts

Helpful eServices Resources

If you’d like help with our eServices tool, you can review our eServices User Guide.

Pay Bills Online with eBill

Our eBill tool lets you pay all your bills anytime, anywhere — without stamps or envelopes. Once you register for eBill and log in, you can:

  • Set up automatic payments for recurring billed amounts
  • Organize and download records, like payment history
  • View and print bills from Adobe Reader

Helpful eBill Resources

Handle Claims Securely with eClaims

You can view and manage claims with our online eClaims tool for lower cost than using paper claims. Simply enter your log in details and get:

  • Automatic loading of electronically submitted claims
  • Automatic processing of payments below the threshold
  • Faster claims processing
  • Lower costs than paper claims

Talk About HM

It's easy to share our informational and educational materials with your self-funded group clients.